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Going on 2 years now I have been getting my health care insurance taken care of by the Shamburger Agency. I have not had any issues and I even had to file a claim that went very smoothly when filed. I really like the different kind of options that they provide here, and there personable demeanor.

Shamburger Agency provides me with my health insurance policy. Kindly recommend their services.

My individual agent from Shamburger agency is always able to answer my questions and concerns with insightful advice that gives me a starting direction.

The Shamburger Agency has been supplying me with insurance coverage for health insurance for several years now. The staff is very knowledgeable, they are friendly, and are professional. If I ever have a question regarding my policy they don't hesitate to respond and I get answers.

5 stars all around. I have been a client of Shamburger Agency for almost a year. Everyone is very knowledgeable and personal.

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