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Our agent at Shamburger Agency is extremely knowledgeable about the different policies that are available to us. He really knows his stuff.

I strongly recommend Shamburger Agency because they are very professional and reliable. I trust them 100%

For 2 years Shamburger Agency in Lubbock,TX has provided me with exceptional Health insurance. I am very pleased with the representatives I speak to when I call. They are always very helpful, and can fully explain all my questions or concerns I may have. I have had to file a health claim through them before, and I was very pleased with how everything was handled. Shamburger Agency is a fantastic insurance company. Angie S

For four months I have been a client of Shamburger Agency. They are always providing me with clear and helpful responses to all of my questions and concerns. Through Shamburger I am provided with health, and life insurance. They are very trusting and are not the type to scam you for extra money. I always get quick responses from them, which is very helpful in my case.

I have been with Shamburger Agency for a few months now have been completely satisfied. They always provide me with clear responses in term that I can understand. Through Shamburger I have a HSA account. I really enjoy the good quality of services they provided for me. They always make me feel like I am more than a client of theirs. Brandon H.

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