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Best dance studio in Timmins for sure. Mel Kelly, Mel Hall, Julie, Brandon and all the other teachers are amazing. Defiantly a second family to me.

The staff are incredible with my children both in class and outside of the dance school. I saw one of the teachers out and about the other day and it was obvious when she took the time to talk with my daughter that she was interested in her life and they have developed a great connection. The staff at the Melissa Kelly Dance Academy focus on positive encouragement and they provide tips for students to grow and improve. This dance academy is better then other dance studios in the area because the staff work so well together and the family environment is great for dancers of all ages and experience levels.

Very educational, great with the kids. They have developed a lot of confidence and I have seen their improved confidence extend outside of the studio into the real world. Amazing over all experiences.

I have recommended Melissa Kelly Dance Academy to many of my friends seeking dance lessons.

The dancing is more modern and in style at Melissa Kelly Dance Academy. The moves are up to date, not anything old. Keeps you up to date on what is going is also a plus.

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