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Taking my kids to Okun Orthodontics was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. I feared that their appointments were going to be very invasive and that worried me because they are just little, however the doctor and staff worked with them to make sure they are comfortable. They weren't in any sort of pain the whole time and it did not leave them scared of the dentist.

It is hard to find someone who really knows what they're doing and who know how to work with kids, who really care. Dr. Okun is one of those people who are really just few and far between. I really appreciate her and her time spent with my kids.

Dr. Okun puts my daughter at ease at every visit and I know that my daughter is receiving the best possible treatment.

I did not realize the amount of correction you can do at an early age that was not available during our youth. I had to have full braces and even though I started young (4th grade) my son is already finished with his in 4th grade thanks to Dr. Okun!

When my daughter got braces at Okun Orthodontics we were amazed by how quickly her teeth moved and straightened out. Plus, Dr. Okun is very detail oriented. Very impressive.

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