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The experience of the staff met my expectations and I would highly recommend their services to anyone I know in need.

They are a friendly group, ready to answer any questions, very helpful in locating items of interest & willing to order items they do not normally carry!

Lowery Sewing is just wonderful. I love the store and all the people in it. They help me so much and they always have a solution. It's probably my favorite store!

I don't get my fabric anywhere else or go anywhere else. They are always so helpful if I need something. If I;m not sure what I need or I need some fabric cut they cut it to the size I need. They take the time to cut it. If there are several customers they just tell me they will cut it as soon as they help the others. I don't mind waiting for that. They always get to me quickly.

I appreciate everything that Lowery Sewing does. I do not have any problems there. I really like there new website! There is so much to look at.

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