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My lower back would always hurt in I sat too long. After working with Dr. Travis I am free of pain and do not have anymore numbness.

I had pain in my neck and shoulders all day every day and medications were not helping for me. Dr. Travis was able to adjust my neck and back and explain what was causing the pains for me. I felt better right away and have had much more improvement after a few more visits!

Dr. Travis showed me how I'd let my neck decay and degenerate so now we are doing corrective treatments. They have helped so much and I feel much better already. Travis Chiropractic Center is great and I would highly recommend them.

I love coming to Travis Chiropractic Center, I always leave feeling great!

I suffered from a very painful right hip and leg for nearly five years. The doctors told me it was likely nerve damage from a bone marrow procedure of mine and I was attempting to live with it. I was painfully slow walking into Dr. Travis' office and he asked me to let him try and fix it. Sure enough in just one treatment you actually healed my leg. I can't thank you enough.

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