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I went to Travis Chiropractic Center because of chronic low back pain that lead to numbness and pain in my arm and shoulder. Thankfully, Dr. Travis was able to correct my issues through a posture device and regular adjustments. Within a month I felt almost completely healed and I have enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Travis' care.

Dr. Travis thank you so very much for your help. You are a blessing to my life, you truly are a gift from God. I am forever in your debt because of your care and how you healed my terrible headaches, leg, and hip pain.

I was having severe pain and tingling into my right shoulder, arm and hand. Then I came to Travic Chiropractic Center and after just a few adjustments, the nerve pain began to subside! Also, my muscles became more relaxed and the tingling decreased. Thank you!

Dr. Travis gives me regular adjustments to keep me going. He is able to give me very light treatments with low force that are easy for me and at the same time still very effective. He has helped me more than any doctor I've been to.

Thanks to Travis Chiropractic Center and the Laser-7 treatment I received, I am allergy free! Life is so much better now.

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