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Even from the first time when I went to Dr. Travis for my neck problems back in 2006, he had me walking out much better than when I came in. He showed me how I'd let my neck decay and degenerate and got us started on corrective treatments. He got me going again in no time!

Dr. Travis showed me how I'd let my neck decay and degenerate so now we are doing corrective treatments. They have helped so much and I feel much better already. Travis Chiropractic Center is great and I would highly recommend them.

Thanks to Dr. Travis and Travis Chiropractic Center my neck is changing with my home exercises and I can drive all day now with no pain! I've had such a good experience with him and he has really helped me out a lot.

I have seen extraordinary results from working with the Travis Chiropractic Center. My back pain has decreased significantly and I have regained full use of my arm that was bothered my pain and numbness. Dr. Travis is great and I absolutely recommend his practice.

I had awful headaches across my eyes along with sinus pain, dizziness, and ringing. Now that I have been working with Dr. Travis I no longer need sinus medications!

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