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Thanks to Travis Chiropractic Center, I an no longer in pain and can sleep much better.

I was just happy that Dr. Travis helped me with my migraines that I didn't think of asking him to do anything else. He offered to help with my leg pain and I am writing this out of a debt of great gratitude. My leg was so bad I couldn't even put my own socks on but he helped me out!

I suffered from allergies from seasonal pollen, grasses, ect... I started Laser allergy treatments at Travis Chiropractic Center in August 2010 and haven't needed to take allergy medicine since.

After seeking the help of Travis Chiropractic Center in Bastrop, TX for my lower back and neck problems, I have no more pain! Dr. Travis' nutritional prescriptions even helped me lose 80 pounds and feel great. Thank you!

Dr. Travis is the best "health" caregiver I have ever been to! I would recommend him to anyone.

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