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Dr. Oberg is awesome! He always takes the time to help us with our glasses & contacts. His staff is amazing and I would recommend Avon Vision Center to anyone.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Oberg at Avon Vision Centre is not only a great optometrist, but a great teacher. He walks you through each step so you understand your personal situation. He's wonderful!

I've been going to Avon Vision Centre for 3 years and absolutely recommend them. The staff is conversational and friendly and they always make sure I am comfortable.

If it wasn't for Dr. Oberg's fast thinking, I would have lost my eye. I had a really bad eye infection and he came in on memorial day weekend and took care of me. I can't say enough good things.

The staff at Avon Vision Center is just wonderful! They also have a great selection of glasses for me to choose from. I really like this eye care office and I highly recommend them to others!

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