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I grew up on long Island and this is the pizza place in Rochester. There are a couple that come close but this is it. Best pizza by far reminds me of home.

Love coming to Pizza Stop of lunch. It is just a block or two down from where I work so it is very convenient. I bet I would walk even if it wasn't so's THAT good!

I love The Pizza Stop, the buffalo chicken pizza is amazing. Everyone there are courteous and hard working and I probably go in at least once a month. Its a must if you are in the Rochester area.

Best slices around! I still haven't found anybody besides The Pizza Stop that can create the perfect crispiness of the crust like they do. Great job.

The food at The Pizza Stop was amazing. I had a great lunch there, its only a 5 minute walk from work so I go often. I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for authentic NY pizza.

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