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The staff at Loyalsock Animal Hospital is competent, compassionate and helpful.

My dog was sick and another vet I went to could just not figure out what was wrong with him and seemed to almost give up. I brought him here and on the very first visit they know what it was. Just a little bit of medicine later, my dog was back to 100% within a week. They are great vets here and I m pretty thankful for them.

I unfortunately had to put a pet down but the staff here was amazing. They were so caring to my pet in its last day. And to me. I really appreciated. My dog was like a family member and we were able to put him down with no pain.

I loved the new waiting room and am always impressed with the staff. Even if I just call with a question they try to help me as much as possible.

There is so much love and compassion at Loyalsock Animal Hospital. I feel confident that my animals are getting the best care here. I recommend them to anyone with pets.

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