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When we moved we were looking for a vet close by and we happened to try Dr. Hartwig first. We liked her so much that we stuck with her and have never had a better veterinarian

Frankie is in good hands at Tender Loving Care. We go for regular check ups because he's on a prescription for seizures. He's also had some inching problems in the past. I had Dr. Hartwig neuter him back when he was a puppy. He's an old guy now and she found a lump, but I'm more than confident that she'll do everything that she can for him!

Dr. Hartwig and her staff are both excellent and the quality of services we receive at the office is wonderful. Can't imagine going anywhere else.

I am so appreciative of how friendly, caring and knowledgeable the staff at Bethany Village is. They helped my dad in every way possible while he was there for rehab after his surgery.

Bethany Village is a wonderful place for your loved one to live. The Courtyards in particular are beautiful and have a great feel. The entire staff is friendly and will treat your loved one with the respect they deserve.

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