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Dr. Hartwig and her team at Tender Loving Care helped us rehabilitate a stray puppy we found. She was able to help us figure out the puppy's unique personality and help make him a happy, healthy member of our family.

I have been taking all my animals (dogs) here ever since I first got them. The whole staff are so friendly, they are kind to me as well as my animals. I am never left in the dark either- huge plus since my dogs can't exactly tell me what's going on!

My two cats go to Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital ever since they were little kittens. They love Dr. Hartwig, they get all their wellness checks and shots there and she even cleans their teeth. It's quality pet care and quality people!

Dr. Hartwick is marvelous! She and her staff at Tender Loving Care have really worked with me to improve the health of my very old cat. Thy have played a huge role in helping her live a comfortable life.

My dog has seizures and the staff at Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital helped prepare me for the road ahead. They gave me all the information I needed to take care of my baby and they made sure to explain everything thoroughly for me. I really appreciate it!

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