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I always appreciate Dr. Hartwig's honesty about my dogs. She gives you all of the information you need to help make an informed decision about your pet's care.

Frankie is in good hands at Tender Loving Care. We go for regular check ups because he's on a prescription for seizures. He's also had some inching problems in the past. I had Dr. Hartwig neuter him back when he was a puppy. He's an old guy now and she found a lump, but I'm more than confident that she'll do everything that she can for him!

I've had acupuncture done with my dog at Tender Loving Care and the doctor takes her time to fill me in. They have brought her back to great health and I don't think she would be here if it wasn't for her doctors and the acupuncture treatments

My favorite thing about Dr. Hartwig is that she won't give up She'll exercise all of the options at hand to help your pet as best she can. She is by far one of the best Vet's I've ever dealt with.

Everyone at Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital is so friendly. It is very evident that they know what they are doing and it is comforting to take my pets to see them.

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