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I am really happy with the guys over the years at Dry Dock. They have taken care of me and several boats. I have had them do everything from major motor work to simple maintenance and winterizing. I know I can count on them to get the job done no matter how big the job.

Now that we are fastly approaching summer, I know for a fact that my boat will function just fine. Dry Dock Boat Services did well to make sure that my boat runs completely perfect.

They did a great job explaining to me what was wrong the the linkage to my out-drive on my boat. They were able to fix it before I went up north to lake Erie the following weekend. They do good work, they are knowledgeable and I can count on them to get things done promptly.

I get my 1994 Stratus Bass Boat taken care of at Dry Dock Boat Services. They are my go to guys. I trust them fully with my boat and I'm always satisfied with the quality of work they do.

The boat repairer, Jeff Hensley, knows what he is doing. He has a lot of information on boats and repairs to boats. I really appreciate him fixing my outdrive oil leak.

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