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I'm always treated very well by the staff at Dry Dock Boat Services. The prices there are always right, fair, and inexpensive. It's great going there because I know that I will always be getting a fair price and get the work done effectively.

I did some bad damage on my old boat, so I brought it to Dry Dock Boat Services in Cincinnati, OH. Let me tell you, they did a phenomenal job on the repairs. I was all around extremely impressed.

I visited Dry Dock Boat Services some time ago to have them look over my boat and tighten up a few things. My boat was ready on time when it was completed. I like that they are reliable and knowledgeable where it comes to working with boats. I will certainly be using their services again

The staff at Dry Dock Boat Services handle a repair issue on my boat with professionalism and integrity. The staff was great and prompt. I will be coming in again soon for further winterization.

Dry Dock is one of the few places in the area that actually work on boats but they are reasonably priced and conveniently located. I have had them work on several of my boats which have turned out great.

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