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The customer service at Garrett's Medical Supply is great. They make sure they have what I need in stock, if they don't have it they order it for me.

Anytime that I needed help or assistance of any kind, they were always available to help out. I Highly recommend checking Garrett's out.

I have been using Garrett's Medical Supply Inc for over 30 years now. The staff there does a great job communicating with me so it is very easy to get my supplies when I need them. I always recommend Garrett's Medical Supply Inc to my friends and family.

I am a Quadriplegic, so I have been using Garrett's Medical Supply for many years for many of the urinary and respiratory supplies I need on a daily basis. The staff there is phenomenal, they are always very helpful and always go out of their way to help me. The location is very convenient as well, it is right on the main road I pass by multiple times a day. I only have good things to say about the place.

I first heard about Garrett's Medical Supply from a friend who used to work there. Before that, I didn't realize that there was a local place that I could get my medical supplies from. I am glad I found them because finding them has made my life 10x easier!

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