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I really trust the staff at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. They are very caring and kind to my animals AND ME. Of course they love animals, that is why they are in the business--but the fact that they listen to me, and show me a lot of respect reassures me that I choose the best place for my animals.

I love the fact that I am able to drop my dog off while I go to work, so they could examine him and I was able to pick him up at the end of the day. They really care about all the animals that come in and out of Gentle Doctor.

I trust all the doctors here one hundred percent. My dog and I have never received anything other than quality care each time we come in for a visit, even if it is just a routine check up.

Happy with bringing out pets here. We have one cat and one puppy. I think that they do a great job taking care of the animals and treating them like their own.

These doctors are like animal whisperers! Every time I bring our pets in, they are checked in, examined, and we are leaving in a VERY reasonable about of time.

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