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They are great! I can call anytime for any reason and the entire staff know me and my fur babies by first name!

The prices for their grooming services are great and it's so clean! They do such a great job with my baby!

Thanks to Dr. Miller's excellent care my little Cinnamon is getting back to normal. I can't say enough about Dr.Miller and the staff at Lincolnton Amimal Hospital. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Babies.

I just wanted to take a moment to share my experiences with Lincolnton Animal Hospital and the dedicated Doctors and Staff members that work there. I share my life with a Great Pyrenees, a giant breed dog named Reno. I had noticed he wasn't eating as much as he normally does (not unusual for the breed) and happened to mention it in passing to Amy at the front desk when I brought him in for his grooming. She said she thought we should do a blood test and after looking at his chart convinced me that we really needed to do this test and she was going to have a Vet look at him. Which I honestly thought at the time was way overboard and did a lot of eye rolling, but agreed just to make sure my fourteen month old puppy was in good health. I think my exact word were, "Oh, fine." Turns out she was so very right. Reno was diagnosed with Addison's disease. I thought I was a very knowledgeable pet owner. I've had animals for fifty years including horses, dogs and cats. I read and research all the time and had never heard of this disease. It's truly a silent killer known as "The Great Pretender". If the very quick and experienced Vets hadn't caught it he would have died that day. I can't begin to express how grateful I am for Amy's insistence I had blood work done, or the Vets that knew exactly what was up when they saw those test results. They very literally saved his life. Since then we return regularly for blood work and medication to keep Reno healthy and happy. He's always happy and excited to go and see everybody at the Clinic. He walks in the door and they all yell out, "RENO!" and come around to hug and kiss him. They make us feel like family and we're so very blessed to have found this place for our animal care. Reno's "Godmother", Amy is always ready for big hugs and a Pyr paw. It's nice to know he's happy and healthy thanks to the people there. Their care and compassion goes way above and beyond what I would have ever expected. Our sincerest and most humble appreciation to the entire Staff.

Very kind and put your pets health as a top priority. They do not force you to do things they recommend what's best for your pet.

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