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Dr Jeff Seeholzer and his staff treat you like you are family. I always buy my glasses from there, some people don't like his selection, but personally I have a hard time choosing. The staff is just so personable, I don't feel like I'm being ripped off when I go there, the girls are very up front with any questions I might have. All these things, to me at least are very important in trusting a doctor. And because of all of those reasons I can't ever see myself going to see another eye doctor!

Seeholzer Vision Center has a great atmosphere. It's what I really like most about the appointments. Every time I go in, I know that I'll get greeted with a smile and by someone who will definitely be friendly. They really know how to cheer up my day.

I was so impressed with my entire experience at Seeholzer Vision Center. The entire staff from the support staff to Dr. Seeholzer were welcoming, helpful, and so enjoyable to work with.

Overall, I've been going to Seeholzer for 20 years now and over the 20 years, the staff has always been my favorite part about coming. Nobody like going to the optometrist, just like they wouldn't like going to the dentist. Nothing about getting an eye exam sounds appealing, but the staff here all know me as soon as I walk in. They take the initiative to get to know you and remember you. And sometimes, that really does make my day.

There seriously is not one thing that I would change about the Seeholzer Vision Center. I definitely would recommend them.

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