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Overall, I've been going to Seeholzer for 20 years now and over the 20 years, the staff has always been my favorite part about coming. Nobody like going to the optometrist, just like they wouldn't like going to the dentist. Nothing about getting an eye exam sounds appealing, but the staff here all know me as soon as I walk in. They take the initiative to get to know you and remember you. And sometimes, that really does make my day.

I have been going to the Seeholzer Vision Center, myself, for the past 25 years, but just began bringing my daughter fairly recently for her first appointment. I am very glad that I decided to bring her here too; I really trust the staff with her. They make us feel perfectly comfortable.

My parents used to go to Seeholzers so I gave them a try. They are great! The staff is great.

I've been coming here for years and I've never had a problem. I recommend them all the time because Dr. Seeholzer is really good.

Dr. Seeholzer at Seeholzer Vision Center is amazing with children and adults.

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