Advanced Animal Care of Mt Pleasant
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Advanced has amazing vets and never make you feel obligated to pay for something unless your pet truly needs it.

At Advanced Animal Care, the knowledge, patience and understanding of the staff is so high! They treat Lexi like family!

We have been taking our animals to Dr. Steele for a year and a half. He always takes excellent care of our dogs and cat. Before going here I went to other clinics in Mt. Pleasant and I was not satisfied with their policies or their desk people. Dr. Steele's philosophy, practice and assistants are absolutely AMAZING.

The help at Advanced Animal Care is just amazing. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. My pets have always gone there for basic checkups, and each time I've left satisfied.

One of my favorite things about Advanced Animal Care is that they don't keep you waiting. The appointment starts almost as soon as you get there. There's no wait.

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