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The communication between myself and Saints Peter and Paul School is very good. They mostly do everything online, but if I have any questions regarding anything, I can always call.

There are a lot of interesting academic programs at Saints Peter & Paul School. The Salesian Boys & Girls club is 'built-in'. It is a great atmosphere and provides a great experience overall.

My child was recommended to attend Saints Peter and Paul School by our doctor. He was shy and it took a lot to bring him out. Our doctor's own kids had attending SSPP, and they blossomed. That's exactly what happened with my son. The curriculum and family environment was perfect for him. He was no longer shy.

At Saints Peter and Paul School, it feels like a small-town school where everyone knows each other. The teachers and faculty really care about your children like family.

The community here at St. Peter & Paul School is so close knit, that's something that I really enjoy about it.

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