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We had a security system in our home before, and we had a lot of issues with the company. We stopped using their services, and we just didn't feel as safe without a system. We heard a lot about Fleetwood Security so we decided to check them out for ourselves. We were very happy with what we saw; the staff all seemed to be friendly, helpful, and competent. Great service!

We had our security system installed by Fleetwood Security and Electronic Services because we had some vandalism and attempted break-ins at our home in Cartersville, GA. Since then, I feel much more safe and at ease knowing our system is in place. We have had a great experience with Fleetwood; the technicians were all wonderful and very informative. They taught me how to arm the system using our computer, which is a huge perk for us. I am not a computer person, but they managed to teach me and I feel comfortable using the system on the computer now. They have done an amazing job, and we highly recommend their services!

Because of the hard work provided by Fleetwood Security, I feel pretty safe at my home.

I found them to be very responsive when I needed their services. They hold a great reputation which is why I decided to go with them from the start.

Anytime that we give Fleetwood a call to come inspect something, they come out to us within the same hour and are always very professional.

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