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I'm always treated very well by the staff at Dry Dock Boat Services. The prices there are always right, fair, and inexpensive. It's great going there because I know that I will always be getting a fair price and get the work done effectively.

I've visited the Dry Dock Boat Services a number of times. I'm always satisfied with the quality of work that is done. I've had some issues with others, but at this place you definitely get great service.

I had a great technician who put my boat back in working order, almost brand new. I needed to have the carburetor rebuilt. If my boat needs more maintenance, I know where to take it.

Doug from Dry Dock Boat Services worked on my boat when I brought it in for repairs. I really like that they treat my boat like it's theirs, so it's treated always with care.

We took our boat to Dry Dock Boat Services for repairs. The staff know their stuff and explained everything to me accurately.

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