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The staff at Citracado Dental Group are absolutely wonderful people. They are so nice and accommodating to your specific needs. They really work to keep you well-informed on the newest technologies and dental procedures. I've been going there for over 4 years and it's still a pleasurable experience.

It's a very caring atmosphere at Citracado Dental Group. They really take care of all your dental needs and are very accommodating. I highly recommend them!

The staff and facilities here are first rate. Everyone is always professional, courteous, friendly, informative and extremely helpful.

Every doctor at this office has gone way above and beyond to help me. For years I saw the Owner Dr. Randy Jungman who always took excellent care of me. I needed to go through some intense dental work that took over a year in and half and due to the work needed I started to see Dr. Robert Jungman. They were both just so great to me.

The patient care is the most important for me. My wife and I were given some basic information about each doctor and chose accordingly to our preferences. We both chose different doctors and are both completely satisfied! This goes to show that Citracado is a great dental office all around.

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