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I've known Dr. Paschen for years and years now and he is always such a pleasant, positive guy. He seems to surround himself with the same type of people in his office.

I am so happy with the results my daughter has seen from going to Dr. Paschen. She is on the road to having such straight, perfect teeth. Strongly recommend this practice.

I have recommended Dr. Paschen to a bunch of my friends. They do awesome work and Dr. Paschen makes my kids feel very comfortable. My children teeth look great and I think the braces process is much less painful than when I was a kid.

Dr. Paschen is a great man who genuinely cares about his patients. I recommend him without any reservations.

Dr. Paschen and his team are so gentle and they will never pull or yank. I had a very big overbite and spaced-out teeth and they've been able to fix that in just two years!

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