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While my child attended Fayette Academy, he was very involved in all of their extracurricular activities that they provided, including: football, basketball, baseball and student council. It's great seeing a school that motivates the students to participate outside of the classroom.

Since bringing my children to Fayette Academy I have already recommended the school to many friends of mine. I let them know that at the facility as a parent you are able to drop off your child/children and feel completely confident that they are going to be safe and well taken care of.

I love this school. It feels like a big extended family. Everyone is so supportive and loving, it is a great environment to go to school in.

I think Fayette Academy is wonderful, I can not say enough great things about them. The staff is great, the teachers are awesome and I just love how much the kids learn. The environment as a whole is very inviting and supportive. I feel very comfortable with Fayette Academy.

Fayette Academy does a great job at supplying a safe and secure environment for all of the students. There was never a time I have doubted the safety of the school.

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