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My car is always ready when they say it is going to be. They don't take any more time than what they need. Sometime it is even done ahead of schedule.

It's because I've known them for so long that I know how great they can be. I keep going to them because I can trust them to do things right.

The people at Rick's go above and beyond. They value customer service and make sure everyone knows it! After any appointment my car is looking brand new.

My father started going to Rick's in the 70s, or early 80s, before I ever needed to worry about needing a mechanic. I've continued going because the staff is great and they get things done in a good time frame. With Rick's I know my time isn't being wasted.

Rick's Auto Body has never steered me wrong. They get the job done right, and they do it honestly. Everyone there is helpful.

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