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Rick's Auto Body saved me from using after-market parts on my truck. My insurance company was saying that that's what they would cover, but Rick told me to take another look at the policy. I was covered to use original Ford parts. Without them I wouldn't have known to do that.

They don't mess around at Rick's Auto Body. They know a ton about cars and every time I have to bring something in I get it back in excellent condition.

I got smashed into and didn't think there was much that could be done. Not only were they able to fix the car up, good as new, but they also put a fresh coat of paint on the car. Now I'm back on the road and things look fine.

Go to Rick's Auto Body and Paint. They know what they are doing.

My car is always ready when they say it is going to be. They don't take any more time than what they need. Sometime it is even done ahead of schedule.

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