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I use Fido Fido for the daycare and boarding. I've been using them for so long because they took really great care of my previous dog who was older and they are convenient.

We have been taking our dogs there for about 8 months now. They are reliable and trust worthy!

We started bringing our dog to Fido Fido because she wasn't getting enough exercise at home. I really like the smaller setting of Fido Fido Daycare and the more individualized offerings they have like offering walks for extended stays.

The staff at Fido Fido is friendly, loving, and caring. We tried other places but they didn't compare to here. When I leave my dog here I feel like I'm leaving her with a family member. They care for her as much as we do.

They are good about separating the large dogs from the small dogs and they customize their services for each dog. My dog loves it here.

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