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I want to keep my dogs active throughout the day and I don't have a fenced in yard so I've been bringing them to Fido Fido. Now they get plenty of exercise and the staff at Fido Fido is really great. They post photos of my dogs on their Facebook page which I love seeing.

They are good about separating the large dogs from the small dogs and they customize their services for each dog. My dog loves it here.

There are a lot of benefits to bringing your dog to daycare including that they get a lot of play time and are tired out by the time you pick them up. That's one of the things I like about Fido Fido, they give them lots of play time.

I bring my 2 dogs to Fido Fido Dog Daycare 3 days a week. They are close to my work which is extremely convenient and if I'm running late for any reason I can just call them. When I pick them up at the end of the day they come back to me tired, which is great. I know that they are getting their fill of exercise and play time.

I use Fido Fido for the daycare and boarding. I've been using them for so long because they took really great care of my previous dog who was older and they are convenient.

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