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We used Fido Fido for the first time this weekend. We are very happy with the experience. Our two little ones had a blast and came home exhausted and smelling delicious.

I have recommended Fido Fido to my co-workers and some neighbors. I feel like you aren't prepared when you first get a puppy. After taking my dog here she never chewed on anything anymore.

We are able to travel without worrying because of Fido Fido. Thank you!

Fido Fido fills all my requirements when it comes to caring for my dogs. They are conveniently located, they take excellent care of my dogs and they give them enough exercise to tire them out by the end of the day

I use Fido Fido for the daycare and boarding. I've been using them for so long because they took really great care of my previous dog who was older and they are convenient.

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