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There are a lot of benefits to bringing your dog to daycare including that they get a lot of play time and are tired out by the time you pick them up. That's one of the things I like about Fido Fido, they give them lots of play time.

I would absolutely recommend Fido Fido Dog Daycare - we heard about them through a google search. They are great!

I've been with Fido Fido since 2007 for daycare and boarding. I first started using them when I went out of town for a trip and have been with them ever since.

I used to take my dog to a different place and I was frustrated with them because they only let the dogs play until noon and then they were caged for the rest of they day. They also had limited hours. I have been much happier with the care my dog receives at Fido Fido.

My dog is happy when I drop her off and happy when I pick her up. No nervous anxiety at all, I'd highly recommend Fido Fido's services!

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