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I always, always, always recommend Len's. It's the best shop around.

They fixed up my Saturn View very well. The roof had quite a bit of damage on it, and I am happy with the results.

Every single experience I've had with Len's Auto Body has been extremely pleasant, the family over the last 2 generations has really done well for us, they are outstanding.

A couple of months ago I had a headlight go out. It turned out that a plugin had melted and needed to be replaced. I ran around trying to find a replacement, but none of the auto parts places around here seemed to have it. After I called Len's Auto Body they had it within a day. They went out of their way just to get me what I needed.

How much do I like Len's Auto Body? Well, I've been going to Len for about thirty years. I'm a loyal customer because I know I'm going to get great service.

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