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Commerce high school is a wonderful and progressive high school. the benefits of a smaller teacher to student ratio combined with impressive technology that rivals any school in the metroplex. I appreciate the attention and care that my child receives at this campus.

I want to say I absolutely love the school website. I can stay informed about everything that is going on with my children's daily activates in school

Commerce ISD has caring, compassionate teachers. The Administrators desire to keep students first. Partnership with Texas A&M Commerce for college credit courses makes this a great school district to prepare students for college and beyond.

I like that the schools are very aware who comes in and out. They are always locked and they make sure they keep track. It makes me feel safe as a mother that they are very careful.

Commerce Elementary is a great place for kids to begin their public education. The students are provided with opportunities for a great start to their education with the Head Start and Pre-K classes.

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