The Back Porch Restaurant
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The crab cakes are just unbelievable. You have to get them, and I'd highly recommend a lot of the other things on the menu.

Overall, I'd say Back Porch delivers the total package. You have the good food, a nice atmosphere, and good pricing. Generally a good place to go with friends or family.

We had the absolute best time at Back Porch for our anniversary! Going on 30 years!

What really sets The Back Porch Restaurant apart from other restaurants in the area is the quality of the food and the variety the menu has to offer. I've never had a bad meal and there are always new options on the menu that I want to try. It keeps me coming back!

We always have a great dining experience at Back Porch. You can also have a good lunch there too. Overall it's solid bang for the buck, can't go wrong.

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