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Overall, I'd say Back Porch delivers the total package. You have the good food, a nice atmosphere, and good pricing. Generally a good place to go with friends or family.

The menu has a lot of variety to it and I feel like I can try something new every time I come in, or just go with one of my favorite.s Love the atmosphere.

I ordered prime rib that was cooked perfectly, and served beautifully. The only thing that could have rivaled it was the lobster tail that my husband ordered. If you are looking for a delicious meal on a night out, Back Porch is the place to come.

I like the variety on the menu. I can pretty much get something different any time I want, even though I sometimes can't help but order the same thing over and over.

I had a grilled chicken salad with some scallops at my most recent trip to Back Porch. It was unbelievable and I'm going to keep ordering it every time. I found no problems with the wait staff, the atmosphere, anything. New favorite.

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