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Ahrens Child Care Center is a wonderful place for children to learn. The staff and administrators are very supportive of each and every child that attends.

Ahrens Child Care Center has such a wonderful atmosphere. It is both educational and nurturing. The staff and the teachers are great with the children and they do an excellent job getting the children prepared for lifelong learning.

My daughter was at Ahrens from preschool to kindergarten. She absolutely loved it and I know she learned a lot. Not only did she gain many skills that I know will serve her well later on in life, but she met great friends and teachers. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to send her to this school.

Ahrens Child Care Center is very clean. The staff is great and they all communicate very well with each other. I will continue to recommend Ahrens Child Care Center to everyone I know.

I have actually been teaching first grade for the Redlands Unified School District for almost twenty years now. Every August when I receive my class list I am elated when I see an Ahrens Kindergarten graduate enrolled in my class. They are wonderful students and it is obvious that Ahrens Child Care Center is doing a fantastic job.

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