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I have been extremely impressed with Ahrens Child Care Center. It is obvious that the children who leave here are competent, knowledgeable, and generally transition very well into their new schools.

I am very happy with our decision to send our child to Ahrens Child Care Center. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and taught our daughter how to read. She has quickly excelled in the classroom with all of their support.

Ahrens Child Care Center is very well run. All of the children that come out are excited about learning, confident and packed full of enthusiasm. They love it which is a direct reflection on how great the staff at this school really are.

Ahrens Child Care Center is great. The reading level of the students who go to this school is often comparable to a second grader which is very impressive. These students also have great comprehension that is right on target which will serve them very well as they progress through school.

Ahrens Child Care Center is a wonderful place for children to learn. The staff and administrators are very supportive of each and every child that attends.

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