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My daughter was at Ahrens from preschool to kindergarten. She absolutely loved it and I know she learned a lot. Not only did she gain many skills that I know will serve her well later on in life, but she met great friends and teachers. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to send her to this school.

I am very happy with our decision to send our child to Ahrens Child Care Center. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and taught our daughter how to read. She has quickly excelled in the classroom with all of their support.

There are many things that I have been impressed with at Ahrens Child Care Center. However, I think what I value most is knowing that my kids have a kind and loving connection with their teachers. It is nice to know they are learning in such a nurturing environment.

For younger kids transitioning from kindergarten to the first grade it can be really scary. However I have noticed that my children, as well as others who have gone to Ahrens Child Care Center are excited and very confident in making the switch. This is great and really shows how great of a job the teachers did at Ahrens.

They have a very welcoming atmosphere with teachers that truly care.

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