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I have been very impressed with Ahrens Child Care Center. All the teachers do a fantastic job with the children.

I highly recommend sending your child to Ahrens. The curriculum is excellent and the staff is wonderful.

They have a great curriculum and the staff is very kind. They have done a wonderful job preparing my children to move on to school.

I have attended Ahrens Preschool myself and I remember what an enjoyable educational experience I had. I am so pleased to see that the legacy and quality has continued more than 25 years later. I am grateful that my daughter will be able to attend Ahrens and also experience their warm, friendly, family-oriented environment and benefit from their ability to create a foundation that will have her well prepared for elementary school. The staff is responsive and caring and the teachers are patient. Ahrens is a pillar of the community, and they are helping shape the future members of the very community they serve.

The staff at Ahrens Child Care Center are fantastic with the kids. They really teach them well, as evident by the children's success as they enroll into other schools later on.

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