Bredernitz, Wagner & Co., P.C.
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Accurate service at a reasonable cost. Bredernitz, Wagner & Co provide an excellent service. I would absolutely recommend.

My phone calls and e-mails have always been promptly answered, and whenever I had tax questions I received accurate advice.

The staff at Bredernitz, Wagner & Co are always in the client's best interest. They are responsive and so personable. I always feel they are looking out for me.

I am always very satisfied with the promptness of Bredernitz, Wagner & Co in responding to my inquiries. This was a big help because it kept me in the loop and showed me they care about their clients.

Bredernitz Wagner & Co. is a great establishment. The staff and principal (Mr. Clum) are very caring and attentive. The are always available for questions and they do a very good job, highly recommended.

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