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Bredernitz, Wagner & Co provide the best tax services around. I use them personally, for my business, and my kids even go there now because of how simple they make it. I absolutely recommend them.

Prompt, accurate service at a reasonable cost is what you get from Bredernitz, Wagner & Co. They do great work and I recommend them for both personal and business services.

Bredernitz Wagner & Co are very professional. The staff there are very friendly and are able to answer any questions that I have. The information the they provide me are always prompt and accurate. They have outstanding service.

I've had them do my taxes for the past four years. They make the process quick and very simple. I drop my information off to them, I get a package back for me to sign and usually within two weeks I get a check.

I recommend Bredernitz, Wagner & Co. to all my friends. They are a locally established firm, act very professionally, and are great tax consultants.

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