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I've been a patient for years now and enjoy being treated by Dr. Fortner. The rest of the staff is very good and they remember my name when I come in the door. I don't think my dental visits could possibly go any better.

My husband goes to see Dr. Fortner more than I do, but if I had to rate them I'd give them a 10.5. They're very professional and do a good job with us.

The doctor is very personable. It helps me connect on a level beyond the doctor-patient so that I can rest easier around all those dental tools.

I'm fine when I'm at my appointments with Dr. Jay. I've been there about 8 years and if I tell them that something hurts too much, they back off. I'm very comfortable.

When I go to Fortner Dentistry I am never nervous because the staff is very personable. Fortner Dentistry is very professional and has made me confident in my teeth.

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