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We've gone to Dr. Jay for as long as I can remember. My son is 17 and I've been going since before he was born. My kids have been patients their whole lives, and it's been great to have the rapport and continuity with the staff.

My kids have been taught fantastic dental hygiene as a result of Dr. Fortner's care. I give him all the credit.

The doctor is very personable. It helps me connect on a level beyond the doctor-patient so that I can rest easier around all those dental tools.

Dr. Fortner knows who you are as a patient and really cares about you. You can tell he wants to do what's best for you.

Dr. Fortner's office does a nice job with checking you in and scheduling. It's a breeze when you come in, you just walk in and then walk out. Super easy. And they can fit you in for an appointment easily.

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