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Travel Host Motel is a good place to stay over when travelling. If I am ever in the area again I will be staying there.

I like staying at Travel Host Motel. The only thing that would make the room better would be if they had a mircrowave in it. If that's the only thing extra that I want, I'd say they're pretty great.

This was a nice little place to stay. The owners are really hospitable and the rooms are very clean and comfortable.

My wife and I stayed here for a few nights while we were in the process of moving. The beds were very comfortable. It served as a nice "home away from home" for a couple of nights.

Great location! I loved the proximity to Woody's Bar&Grill. I liked that there was a good place for dinner and we didn't even have to get in our car and drive anywhere. The hotel had a nice view as well.

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