Travel Host Motel
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They provide a great breakfast in the morning which is nice to wake up to. The rooms are pleasant.

The entire staff at Travel Host Motel are the very best in the business. Staying here was a pleasure. The rates are reasonable and the rooms are very comfortable.

I drive an electric vehicle so it was nice that the Travel Host Motel has electrical outlets outside of the room so I was able to plug my car in easily when it has gotten cold out. Generally, I have to run extension cords into the room to plug the car in, but Travel Host Motel is very accommodating and thought of everything.

When I stayed at Travel Host Motel I was very comfortable with the room's temperature. The heat worked very nicely, which is a change from most hotels. A lot of the time they seem to be a sauna or an ice box, but this room was just right.

I had a great experience with Travel Host Motel. The service was excellent and it offered a nice place to stay for the short time being. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

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