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Bearcreek Respite Care Center is friendly, helpful and great to work with. Their facility is wonderful and their services are wonderful. highly recommended.

Bearcreek easily provided the most friendly and comforting atmosphere. After speaking with many members of the staff, it was clear to me that they were all extremely professional and knowledgeable, while still being warm, friendly, and inviting.

Bearcreek Respite Care Center treated My husband very well. He never complained and was adequately feed at all times so it was sufficient.

My family and I were very happy with Bearcreek Respite Care Center. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Bearcreek Respite Care Center.

There are great social activities available to everyone at Bearcreek Respite Care Center. I highly recommend Bearcreek Respite Care Center.

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