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I had prime rib and it was so good. I think you'll find that Back Porch is one of those places where the service quality matches the food. I look forward to trying more dishes there.

Some people think that Back Porch has taken a step "back", but I really don't see a difference. It's always been good for me. I love the atmosphere and can generally find something new on the menu every time if I want. I'll keep coming back.

When it comes to food the Back Porch Restaurant knows what they are doing. Everything was delicious. When you come here you get a well-prepared, good meal.

We were celebrating a birthday at Back Porch recently and it went well. They even saved our dessert for us when we couldn't finish it all. Excellent service.

The Back Porch Restaurant is great. I had the best fish sandwich that I ever had in my life. I recommend The Back Porch Restaurant to everyone I know.

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