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I had a grilled chicken salad with some scallops at my most recent trip to Back Porch. It was unbelievable and I'm going to keep ordering it every time. I found no problems with the wait staff, the atmosphere, anything. New favorite.

Best place for fine dining in the Mon Valley including Pittsburgh. Great wait staff, atmosphere, and most importantly, food

The duck chambord is my favorite by far. Overall, I'd say there's a lot of variety at Back Porch that pretty much anybody can find something they want.

We went to The Back Porch Restaurant for dinner last weekend and had the Seafood Trio and Steak Bruschetta. Everything was amazing, the food, the atmosphere in the restaurant. The service was outstanding. I will be returning, very soon.

I've visited the Pittsburgh area many times and I have to say that The Back Porch is the best food I've had in the city. There are so many places that try to be Italian and claim to have authentic food that doesn't taste correctly. The Back Porch does it right and backs it up.

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