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I have been taking my pets to West Park Veterinary Services for 10 years now. I used to see Dr. Carey and now I see Dr. Brittney. I trust them and that's what I like the most.

Don't have to wait long to be seen for appointments. Everyone is friendly and I get clear information regarding my pets' health and treatment.

I have taken my animals there for over twenty years. They continue to do an excellent job with my pets.

I love the convenience of West Park Veterinary Services. I know that I can call them up whenever, and they are willing to put me in. This is especially important because I am from out of town, but willing to drive to them because they do offer such good care. I am so satisfied with these guys and I recommend to all.

The staff and veterinarians at West Park Veterinary Services are very sympathetic. They are great with both the owner and the pet.

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