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My daughter has had problems with her balance and coordination for as long as I can remember. She is now at a better understanding of her assignments and I am looking forward to more improvement in the future

Going to LeBlanc Eye Center has been wonderful. Both I an one of my kids have come here, and not only do I like it here, but they are so good with him too.

Since starting therapy with Dr. LeBlanc my daughter's grades and handwriting has greatly improved. I am so glad I found out about this practice.

My daughter came down with meningitis a couple years ago and her vision has really suffered from it. Luckily, with the vision therapy from Le Blanc Eye Care she is now able to enjoy TV again and even a little reading; a huge improvement.

I was having such extreme vision problems, including double vision. Dr. LeBlanc made it possible for the problems to not be permanent. With his help my eyes are improving.

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