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Dr. Hartwig and the staff at Tender Loving Care are very competent and caring. They really have empathy for the animals.

We've brought our animals to Tender Loving Care for over 10 years and they're fantastic. Whether it's annual checkups, surgeries or any other service, the staff at TLC Animal Hospital are always compassionate to both pet and owner.

Dr. Hartwig and her staff are both excellent and the quality of services we receive at the office is wonderful. Can't imagine going anywhere else.

The facility is absolutely beautiful and the staff is extremely competent. There is a clear rapport between Dr. Hartwig, her patients, and her human clients.

Frankie is in good hands at Tender Loving Care. We go for regular check ups because he's on a prescription for seizures. He's also had some inching problems in the past. I had Dr. Hartwig neuter him back when he was a puppy. He's an old guy now and she found a lump, but I'm more than confident that she'll do everything that she can for him!

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